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Moto morini 3 1 2 sport specs

He did a fab (and fast) job of sport the 478 motor into the prissy 3-12 frame. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.In common with many other manufacturers, Morini produced off road variantsof the twins 'V', the Camel and the Sahara (two 500cc) and Kanguroo 350 cm3 (not released in Australia! ).In 1981, the factory has posted a prototype of their 500 cc Turbo to theMilan show however it never made production (bummer)...You were a coward, as you hid and had someone come and get it. and you are now as u are still a coward hiding behind the keyboard.

The 350 Sport and Strada models displaced 344 cc and were complemented in 1977 by a 500 cc models. The 250 GP put out 37hp (28kW) @ 11,000rpm and had a maximal upper of 225kmh (140mph). Some more or less successful models are made, including the Kanguro which is intentional as an 'adventure' bike.

Instead forced crankcase pressure oil mist of the short push rods tunnel, the rocker covers, where two ' Crow's feet ' fog condense and on the rocker gear allows drops.It goes out regularly green laning around Devon.The small family business of Moto Morini first produced single cylinder racers and went on to introduce bikes with a modern revolutionary V-twin from the drawing board of Lambertini.The bike has a quintessential Italian character without the flaws which slightly marred some other Italian bikes.

In 1988 the Dart 350, a fully race faired version of the 72 V-twin, appeared.

A new joint-stock company was officially presented in 2003, and the chief Moto Morini SPA shareholders were the Berti and Morini families.

In April of 1999, the Morini family gains control over the name and the rights to manufacture Moto Morini motorcycles.